The Truth About Buying YouTube Views

I have been buying YouTube views for the last four years as an online video marketer.

In that time I have seen incredible competition in every niche: music videos, affiliate marketing videos, corporate videos, and movie trailers. EVERYBODY is turning to YouTube to market their brand or themselves.

It’s incredibly hard to get a leg up.

YouTube rewards popularity. Buying YouTube views and likes helps your video rank higher on YouTube. Period.

You want to avoid most companies selling YouTube views as they sell bot traffic. In case you don’t know what a bot is, it’s a piece of code that hits the video over and over adding views. This is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service. It will lead to account termination.

I recommend one service for buying YouTube views. —

Bot sellers are everywhere. They can buy YouTube bots for a couple of hundred bucks and make a pure profit after that. They’re driven by greed.


You also want somebody you can interact with personally. That is why I highly, highly recommend

It’s run by a single woman and she’s dynamite. She’s very responsive and answers all questions.

This site will help your YouTube video not get lost in the video ocean that YouTube has become. It will give you a nice boost and increase your video’s popularity psychology.

The truth about buying YouTube views is that they help, but you need to watch out for who you buy from.

I’ve been burned. I found some really cheap YouTube views. Paid. Waited. No delivery. When I tried to get my money back. Nothing.

I got a few stock emails citing technical difficulties, but absolutely no views or likes delivered and they ripped me for about $150.

I’m glad I met Kay and I’m just writing this to let you all know that this is a trustworthy service.