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Forex Bot

Do you want to make money? To drive fast sportscars and live the luxurious life you always dreamed of before hitting the grave?

I`m sure you do but the question is what are you willing
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And in the end, nothing worked.. the same applied to me.. do you know why we failed? Because we are LAZY.

Professional marketers spent years in tears of frustration till they got the hang of it and eventually started to see results. And they wanted it bad enough.. some probably sacrificed their social lives in the process.

I don’t know about you but I DID NOT want to spend years exercising patient nor quit watching soap operas on tv or dating chicks ūüėČ
I WANT TO MAKE MONEY NOW.. so.. what if I could show you a way to start making money within the next HOURS?

Raking in thousands of dollars each and every month?
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without: Any knowledge or any skills at all?
without: a stupid template website?
without: the need for long working hours?

Something that you turn on and then it produces money on autopilot?
Get your own money-making robot today and laugh heartily about people that work a regular jobs.


Your own 24/7 money-making robotic software that rakes in thousands of dollars each and every day. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now and set it up.. then get back to being a couch potato like me…

Welcome to Pagex. Web Tools, Articles, Marketing, SEO Directory and more!
Welcome to Pagex. Web Tools, Articles, Marketing, SEO Directory and more!

We keep adding more free¬†Search Optimization¬†and¬†Internet Marketing¬†tools¬†and¬†articles¬†to help you better promote your websites. These are tools developed by pages over the years to promote our own sites. We’ve decided to give them away FREE to our fellow internet marketers. FREE of charge. Use them for your own sites, promote your client sites, whatever you want. However, if your site’s linking policy permits, we’d really appreciate a¬†link¬†back to our site.

Using some of our tools requires only a quick registration. We only send occasional update newsletters containing SEO tips and tricks and other member updates. It’ll be good, practical info and, most importantly, serve as a way to update you about tool additions and updates, which will happen fairly often.

Also, check out our¬†overture keyword tool¬†which has a simple addition –¬†the average cost per click. It’s a great internet marketing research tool and easy to use. Both Overtures (Yahoo Marketing) searches are¬†side by side¬†to save you time. You can figure out the average cost per click on Yahoo! Search Marketing or research key phrases to bid on.

Our top free SEO tool is something we call Popularity Boost. As you know, one-way link acquisition is a vital component of promoting any website. Some SEO Experts say to forget link acquisition, and focus on more and better quality content, but what happens when both you and your competitors have great content, what separates you from them? The answer is often the number of backlinks. Of course, back-links in your niche market is always most desirable, but acquiring those kinds of links is extremely hard.

Dramatically Boost Your Link Popularity with 250+ High Quality Friendly One-way Links
Dramatically Boost Your Link Popularity with 250+ High Quality Friendly One-way Links

As you probably know the more links pointing to your website, the higher your ranking on Google and all the other major search engines.

Link trading is an effective way to boost your link popularity, but Google assigns ONE-WAY links pointing to your site a MUCH HIGHER value, therefore the more ONE-WAY links the greater your link popularity which means the HIGHER your ranking on Google.

These directories are 100% FREE! These aren’t FREE-FOR-ALL Link Farms that will hurt your site’s ranking. They’re quality directories with PR Values ranging from 0 to 7.

Our Free Tool helps you keep track of which directories you’ve submitted to, and which ones you still need to submit to. No more juggling Excel files, or God forbid, scribbling URLs on scrap paper.