Getting Real YouTube Views — Here’s How

YouTube is CLOGGED with videos as we all know.  On one hand, it’s great as you have a lot of interesting music and content to watch, but as a producer, it can be maddening as it’s hard to get your video exposure.  You work hard on a video and you want to get attention, but for most of us, you see your views hover around a couple hundred or maybe a few thousand views — maybe a dozen likes, a comment or two — comments probably from friends. :)

It’s frustrating.

A lot of video producers give up getting real YouTube Views.

So how do most gain some traction? They buy real YouTube views. However, you must be WARNED. YouTube is cracking down big time on purchased views. YouTube, owned by Google, is a giant money-grubbing entity (THE GOOGLE GOD!!) and they want every last penny they can get. They’re trying to force producers into buying expensive commercials advertising their channel or views from them.

If you have the budget, try it.

Most video producers have sunk money into video production and don’t have thousands to spend.

Google is cracking down by identifying YouTube producer channels that have purchased YouTube Views. The people getting caught are the ones who, normally,  unbeknownst to them, have purchased views from a YouTube views bot seller. These sellers are often located in China or Russia (some have U.S. addresses to guise themselves) promising the views are REAL YOUTUBE VIEWERS.

They’re not. Usually, they have REALLY cheap prices — but they’re too good to be true. They’re YouTube bot sellers.

They take your money and put your YouTube video at risk. All your hard work — GONE.

You need to make sure you are getting real YouTube views. But how do you know who to trust? I’ve been producing videos since Youtube started in 2005 and as it got more competitive my views went down. I didn’t know what to do so I started buying real YouTube views.

I used several different services but finally settled on one service that sells real views. 

I have been using this service for five years without a problem whatsoever. It’s one of the few left that has a REAL youtube views delivery system sending REAL VIEWERS that won’t get your channel banned from YouTube.

If you need a bump to get things going, or a plan to deliver a continuous stream of views, this is the service I highly, highly recommend. My favourite package is 10k views plus 100 likes. Test the waters at 5k views to see how it works if you want, but I have found likes help my videos gain more attention.