Fiverr YouTube Views: Don’t Lose Your YouTube Account

Over the last month, YouTube has updated its algorithm to sniff out fake views. People are losing videos and accounts left and right.

The people losing accounts all have ONE THING in common: they buy youtube views from Fiverr.  I belong to a private online marketing forum… nearly all the marketers buying from Fiverr have lost videos or an account. One guy was making 20k a month off his YouTube account. Poof! OUCH!

Fiverr merchants promise they are not selling bots but they are. You can’t buy 5,000 YouTube Views for $5. It’s too good to be true. The math doesn’t work.

A reputable views sellers have done the following:

1) Invested thousands of dollars into a safe, secure YouTube Views delivery system.

2) Have built up a group of reputable viewers who pay to watch your video.

3) Continuously monitors YouTube for changes.

I (Sick of reading and just want a legit place to buy YouTube views? —

It cost tens of thousands of dollars to create and maintain a YouTube views platform and you’re not going to see reputable sellers selling views on Fiverr — they would be losing money! You can smell a bot seller if the price is too low. Like $5.

Why do they sell bots? Because it’s an easy way to start making money right away. Fiver sellers buy from one of several wholesalers (who incidentally claim to be selling real views). They buy 5,000 views for $3 and resell them to you for $5. They’re instantly making money.

They don’t have to study YouTube, constantly keep up with YouTube changes, and invest in a sophisticated delivery platform. They just buy and resell.

Again, reputable YouTube view sellers have built their own platforms with real users they pay to watch your YouTube video.  They constantly monitor YouTube changes and tweak their platforms as needed.

Remember, if the viewers are real YouTube cannot delete your video or account. Buying YouTube views is no different than buying advertising from Bing or any other network that sells advertising.

Fiver HAD become the largest source for buying views. But over the last month, it’s quickly lost steam as people are losing their accounts. If they haven’t yet, they WILL.

Who do I recommend? There are probably 10,000 companies selling views you can try to sift through, test, etc, but I have been using for almost five years and haven’t had one problem.  It costs a bit more, but so what? Your account is safe, you’re getting the views you need to raise your video’s profile and you’re not putting your account at risk.

One thing I like is that Kay, the lady who runs UTubeplays, is a REAL PERSON. Sometimes I space my views out… say, 10,000 over a month. I just write her and say I want three hundred views a day and she makes it happen. She’s easy to work with.

Anyway, just a friendly warning to my fellow YouTube marketers. Stay away from Fiver YouTube views.