Google AdWords: Five Unique Benefits Of Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most powerful, cost-effective and simple marketing campaign you can use.

This article explains why….

1. Pay Per Click

Unlike traditional advertising, Google AdWords delivers marketers with a huge cost-effective advantage. Gone are the days of paying high prices for advertising that your potential customers might not see.

With Google AdWords you ONLY pay when a customers clicks on your advertisement and then visits your website.

What an advantage! Throw that “50% of advertising is wasted” quote straight into the trash where it belongs!

Just think about that for a moment. You only pay for the advertising when a customer visits your website. What more does a marketing manager want?!

2. Better Ads Pay Less

The Google brand is relevant. Google has blown away the competition because it delivers, better than anyone else, the most relevant content in the minimum time.

So when Google introduced Google AdWords it had to ensure that those paid advertisements were still going to be as relevant as the free or ‘organic’ listings.

Google rewards relevance. And it rewards marketers for the most relevant ads for any search term.

A successful Google AdWords will actually be placed higher than its competition but will probably be paying less.

How does that work?

Well, Google monitors the click-through rate (CTR) of each ad i.e. what percentage of browsers click on your advert. Those ads with the higher CTRs will pay less than competing ads. So, unlike Yahoo, marketers are encourage to create strong, relevant and effective AdWords by hitting them in the pocket.

My own campaign still has the same position on the page but actually costs some 75% less than the original cost. How? By delivering strong and relevant AdWords for each of the search terms. That’s good marketing management.

3. Measurement

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Previously, marketing managers have been had to manage the black art of return on marketing investment with little in the way of reliable figures on performance. With Google AdWords all that has changed.

Google provides you with a user-friendly marketing management system that is a breath of fresh air for marketing managers hot on marketing measurement.

The Google AdWords system allows the marketing manager to precisely measure the following:

1. Number of visitors

2. Cost per visitor

3. Cost per campaign

4. Cost per enquiry

5. Cost per sale

Wow! Now isn’t that useful?!

4. Free Advertising

Want free advertising? Who doesn’t? But how do you get free advertising with Google? Well, say you run a campaign and you achieve a 5% CTR.

That means that for every 100 page views 5 customers have clicked on your ad. That’s a good average CTR. However, don’t forget that on the other 95 page views your advert has been there in all its glory in front of your target audience. The customer can only click once! So remember that with Google AdWords you win even when you don’t!

5. Speed

How long does a traditional advertising campaign take to prepare, create and deliver? Weeks, months?

With Google AdWords you can have an effective Google ad in front of your target audience within 30 minutes. How about that?!

And you can choose to stop or pause that AdWords campaign at the click of a button.

So let’s recap. With Google AdWords, marketing managers have the ability to deliver effective marketing management through Google campaigns that are cost-effective, real-time (almost!) measurable and immediate.

Now go and discover the future!