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Fiverr YouTube Views: Don’t Lose Your YouTube Account
Fiverr YouTube Views: Don’t Lose Your YouTube Account

Over the last month, YouTube has updated its algorithm to sniff out fake views. People are losing videos and accounts left and right.

The people losing accounts all have ONE THING in common: they buy youtube views from Fiverr.  I belong to a private online marketing forum… nearly all the marketers buying from Fiverr have lost videos or an account. One guy was making 20k a month off his YouTube account. Poof! OUCH!

Fiverr merchants promise they are not selling bots but they are. You can’t buy 5,000 YouTube Views for $5. It’s too good to be true. The math doesn’t work.

A reputable views sellers have done the following:

1) Invested thousands of dollars into a safe, secure YouTube Views delivery system.

2) Have built up a group of reputable viewers who pay to watch your video.

3) Continuously monitors YouTube for changes.

I (Sick of reading and just want a legit place to buy YouTube views? —

It cost tens of thousands of dollars to create and maintain a YouTube views platform and you’re not going to see reputable sellers selling views on Fiverr — they would be losing money! You can smell a bot seller if the price is too low. Like $5.

Why do they sell bots? Because it’s an easy way to start making money right away. Fiver sellers buy from one of several wholesalers (who incidentally claim to be selling real views). They buy 5,000 views for $3 and resell them to you for $5. They’re instantly making money.

They don’t have to study YouTube, constantly keep up with YouTube changes, and invest in a sophisticated delivery platform. They just buy and resell.

Again, reputable YouTube view sellers have built their own platforms with real users they pay to watch your YouTube video.  They constantly monitor YouTube changes and tweak their platforms as needed.

Remember, if the viewers are real YouTube cannot delete your video or account. Buying YouTube views is no different than buying advertising from Bing or any other network that sells advertising.

Fiver HAD become the largest source for buying views. But over the last month, it’s quickly lost steam as people are losing their accounts. If they haven’t yet, they WILL.

Who do I recommend? There are probably 10,000 companies selling views you can try to sift through, test, etc, but I have been using for almost five years and haven’t had one problem.  It costs a bit more, but so what? Your account is safe, you’re getting the views you need to raise your video’s profile and you’re not putting your account at risk.

One thing I like is that Kay, the lady who runs UTubeplays, is a REAL PERSON. Sometimes I space my views out… say, 10,000 over a month. I just write her and say I want three hundred views a day and she makes it happen. She’s easy to work with.

Anyway, just a friendly warning to my fellow YouTube marketers. Stay away from Fiver YouTube views.

Getting Real YouTube Views — Here’s How
Getting Real YouTube Views — Here’s How

YouTube is CLOGGED with videos as we all know.  On one hand, it’s great as you have a lot of interesting music and content to watch, but as a producer, it can be maddening as it’s hard to get your video exposure.  You work hard on a video and you want to get attention, but for most of us, you see your views hover around a couple hundred or maybe a few thousand views — maybe a dozen likes, a comment or two — comments probably from friends. :)

It’s frustrating.

A lot of video producers give up getting real YouTube Views.

So how do most gain some traction? They buy real YouTube views. However, you must be WARNED. YouTube is cracking down big time on purchased views. YouTube, owned by Google, is a giant money-grubbing entity (THE GOOGLE GOD!!) and they want every last penny they can get. They’re trying to force producers into buying expensive commercials advertising their channel or views from them.

If you have the budget, try it.

Most video producers have sunk money into video production and don’t have thousands to spend.

Google is cracking down by identifying YouTube producer channels that have purchased YouTube Views. The people getting caught are the ones who, normally,  unbeknownst to them, have purchased views from a YouTube views bot seller. These sellers are often located in China or Russia (some have U.S. addresses to guise themselves) promising the views are REAL YOUTUBE VIEWERS.

They’re not. Usually, they have REALLY cheap prices — but they’re too good to be true. They’re YouTube bot sellers.

They take your money and put your YouTube video at risk. All your hard work — GONE.

You need to make sure you are getting real YouTube views. But how do you know who to trust? I’ve been producing videos since Youtube started in 2005 and as it got more competitive my views went down. I didn’t know what to do so I started buying real YouTube views.

I used several different services but finally settled on one service that sells real views. 

I have been using this service for five years without a problem whatsoever. It’s one of the few left that has a REAL youtube views delivery system sending REAL VIEWERS that won’t get your channel banned from YouTube.

If you need a bump to get things going, or a plan to deliver a continuous stream of views, this is the service I highly, highly recommend. My favourite package is 10k views plus 100 likes. Test the waters at 5k views to see how it works if you want, but I have found likes help my videos gain more attention.

Why Buy YouTube Views?
Why Buy YouTube Views?

Let me lay it out for you. However, read the entire article because I have a WARNING about buying youtube views at the bottom of this article.

Here are the benefits.

1) With the 50,000 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube DAILY your video has a slim chance of getting noticed. It stinks, but that’s the way it is. Just too many videos on the site. How do you stand out? You simply need to get views. Now there is the ‘workhorse method.’ You subscribe to similar channels, comment on videos, subscribe and hope they subscribe back – basically socially network with other YouTube producers. No matter what, you should do this anyway — but do you have time to dedicate 2-3 hours a day to ‘workhorse’ marketing?’ That is the amount of time it usually takes to get anywhere. I personally don’t. I have about three hours a week — sometimes zero hours per week to the YouTube network. Buying YouTube views quickly raises your profile without you having to do a drop of work.

2) Popularity psychology – The more views and likes a video has the more people are drawn to it. See it from the perspective of a viewer. If a YouTube video has, say, 198 views, what are your chances of clicking on the video link? If a video has 50,000 views aren’t you more likely to check it out?

3) Search engines ranking. If you do great keyword programming. Have good titles that are keyword relevant. Tag your video well. Write great descriptions and combine all that with views your video will usually rank higher in internal YouTube search results and Google and Bing search results. Google rewards popularity! Another reason to buy youtube views.

4) Cost savings. It takes time and money to produce videos. You can buy commercials from YouTube or pay for high priced Adwords from Bing and/or Google. But do you have thousands of dollars to spend? My guess is NO. If you do, try them.  However, buying real YouTube views from a reputable seller is far cheaper. You can spend $15 bucks to $400 and get real viewers.

Okay, here’s the warning. YouTube is cracking down on view services. They are targeting bot sellers. A bot is basically a piece of code that hits your video and records a view. It used to be YouTube couldn’t detect bot views, but NOW THEY CAN. Here’s the problem — most YouTube views sellers sell bots. Not all, but most. How to spot them? The prices are too good to be true. If you write to ask them a question they often don’t get back or take a week to get back. Often you’ll notice the ‘broken English’ in their responses. I don’t mean that to sound bad, but overseas sellers can sell bots and you have little to no recourse to get your money back.

You want real humans watching your videos. YouTube can’t ban a video if the traffic is authentic. If you buy bots, you’re probably going to have your video banned and quite possibly your entire YouTube channel banned.

I have been buying views for five years. I’ve tried many vendors. Been burned a few times. I have ONE service I like. It costs a wee bit more than the cheap, sketchy views sellers, but you’ll get your views and you don’t have to worry about your video or YouTube channel getting deleted.  You’re buying peace of mind.

This is the site I recommend. 

If you’re still skeptical, buy 5,000 thousand views to start — test the waters. I recommend the 10k, 100 likes package. I sometimes buy the 75k package. But do what is best for you and your budget.

Hope this articles has helped you discover why buying YouTube views is important!

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