How to Get More Views on Youtube – review

I’ve been an online marketer since 2004. I noticed a shift over the last couple of years from submitting articles, and building lots of blogs to video marketing on YouTube.

YouTube often gets more traffic than Google on a daily basis. It’s the place to be!

I shifted 75% of my marketing strictly to YouTube.

I slowly found out that many niches are extremely competitive. How to get more views on YouTube can be a daunting task.

I tried a few automated software programs that were a bit too difficult to use and I had to be very careful to stay within YouTube’s terms of service. They weren’t foolproof.

So, back to the question. How to get more views on YouTube?

I found a service called that gets me traffic that makes my videos stand out.

Here’s why I recommend this service.

  • It’s the U.S.- Based and uses a reputable payment processor.
  • The customer service is spectacular. The owner Kay Orr is a great marketer and even gave me some keyword advice.
  • Flexibility. You can get views delivered fast (which most people do) or you can spread them out over any time period you want.
  • always delivers. Sometimes, very rarely, there are a few days where views won’t count, but this is YouTube’s problem. YouTube can be buggy. But rarely does that happen.
  • does not use BOTS. They are genuine visitors so you’re not violating YouTube’s Terms of service. Stay away from bots. Most services will say they’re not selling bots, but they are. Bots are cheap and they make huge profit margins. That’s why they do it.
  • It works. The more views and likes your video has the higher you rank on YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google likes what’s popular and they rank popular videos. Simple as that.
  • Popularity psychology. It’s pretty simple. Millions of people are turning to the Internet to market products. If I’m selling the same product as somebody else. Both videos are equally as good, but my competitor has 240 views and I have 50,000 YouTube views who’s video will the prospective customer choose?  The popular one, of course!

The site also provides a low quantity of Facebook likes. Facebook is great, but as a professional online marketer, YouTube is where the traffic is. But it’s great to bolster your Facebook likes a bit.

Lastly, has extremely reasonable pricing and most of all, Kay’s is as trustworthy as they come. I’ve written a couple of testimonials for her, but she likes to protect the anonymity of her clients and doesn’t post them.

But you will not be unhappy going with this YouTube Views service.

It’s an easy, simple site to use. You can buy views or packages that consist of views and likes.  I always buy packages but pick whatever works for you.