Get More YouTube Likes

Getting YouTube likes is VITAL to your video’s success. So how do you get more?

Well, the first way is to create a ‘likeable’ video… but tastes are so subjective that you can’t rely purely on this.

You can also ask people to like your video…. but this can easily backfire. Asking people to like you is just bad form. Smacks of desperation.

Here are two ways to get more YouTube likes.

Leave positive comments on videos you like and you’ll likely see those channel owners looking at your videos and giving them likes.  Leave a message something to this effect: “Love your video. Just liked!”  This can be tedious, but it works.

No matter what, you’re GOING to get dislikes, but it’s keeping the ratio of likes versus dislikes in check. A below twenty per cent like/dislike ratio has been shown to keep your videos ranking well and not get your YouTube video sent to the outer realms of traffic-less YouTube. The dreaded YouTube sandbox.

The exception is if you have a controversial video. You’ve seen them… a hot topic like religion, race, politics. Mostly you’ll see a 50/50 split. You’re going to draw traffic regardless. No need to get more likes, unless you’re trying to actually get more likes. :)

What I advise people to do if their ratio is out-of-whack is to purchase YouTube likes. Easy, quick, simple.

One pitfall is that you need to know who to purchase YouTube likes from. A lot of YouTube-like sellers use BOTS which is a surefire way to get your video banned. In fact, you WILL get your video banned.

I have used this reliable source again and again for the last three years. I recommend buying the 10k views/100 likes package.

You can also write them and ask for more and probably get a bit of a deal. I think they sell all the way up to 2,000 likes.

Anyway, this is the quickest and best way to give your video a boost and keep your video having more likes versus dislikes and the traffic coming.

Also great for new videos or videos that are selling a product or service and are in competition with somebody else. An extra 100 or 200 likes is going to give you a bump in the search results.

I’d also buy views while you’re at it and that’s why I recommend one of the packages. Views help a lot too.